1. Sales services

    • Consultancy

      We offer consultancy to all our clients with our experts. During this meeting, we will understand the client’s interests, needs, and what they’re looking for exactly. With our experience and exclusive portfolio, we work to find the ideal real estate investment for our clients.

    • Reliable support

      We ensure an easy and smooth investment process with full support from A-Z. After analyzing and comprehending what our clients are looking for, we guide clients with the transactions, accurate paperwork lists, and all the necessary steps to own a property.

  2. VIP buying experience

    • Accommodation

      We are more than happy to host our clients. We will arrange your trip details and make sure you will have an excellent stay while visiting us. We will facilitate the best hotels, restaurants, and entertainment options.

    • Project tours

      Along with our experienced representatives, we will organize a schedule to visit the projects that you’re interested in. By doing so, you will get to see different options and decide accordingly. By shortlisting the properties, your decision-making process will be more solid.

  3. Full legal support

    • Accurate information

      Our legal team has 15+ years of experience and knowledge in the real estate field. We promise to deliver the most accurate information when it comes to rules and regulations for investing in Turkey. By working with us, you will always be informed in detail.

    • Paperwork

      We provide legal support for all investment processes, including residential and commercial properties. We also specialize in Turkish citizenship and residence permit paperwork. We have in-house lawyers who will take care of all the necessary requirements.

  4. Title deed transactions

    • Land registry

      While you make the full payment for the property, we apply for the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre on your behalf.

    • Application

      Immediately after receiving the title deed, individual electricity and water meters are reissued in your name, which takes only a few hours.

  5. Multilingual support

    • International experts

      Language will never be a barrier.We have a full international team working with us. We will assign to you an expert who speaks your native language so that you are fully comfortable. You will be assisted every step of the way.

    • Translations

      All project-related presentations, details and other paperwork will be translated to your native language by our professional team members. We want to make sure that we cover every aspect of the process.

  6. After sales services

    • Rental management

      We are the only company who will take care of the after-sales services including the rental management. You never have to worry about renting your place again.

    • Furnishing

      We extend our services to fully furnishing the interior of your apartment with the most elegant pieces and up-to-date styles. We are familiar with the top brands with the best value in the market.

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