Turkey is the ideal investment destination for those looking for a quick, secure and profitable way to get citizenship through real estate investment.

The Turkish real estate market has grown in recent years thanks to high-quality projects by reliable developers, affordable opportunities for investment, and a chance to make a good profit while also obtaining citizenship.

Why Turkish Citizenship Is Ideal For You

  • Affordability: Turkish citizenship only takes an investment of $400K. The Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program is more reasonably priced than similar citizenship programs
  • Quick process: Turkey has assigned a branch to handle citizenship applications by real estate investors specifically. The entire process now takes up to 3-5 months.
  • Return on investment: The investors can benefit from the capital appreciation on their citizenship investments such as rental income and selling their properties after a 3-year period. There are no restrictions except for this 3-year pledge to keep the property. You can make a profitable investment and get the benefits of Turkish citizenship at the same time.
  • Visa-free travel worldwide: The Turkish passport grants visa-free travel to more than 110 countries as well as others where only an e-visa is required.
  • A second home/safe haven: After obtaining Turkish citizenship, investors can freely visit Turkey to live, study, work or run a business.
  • Citizenship for the whole family: For the same price of $400K, your entire family can get Turkish citizenship including your spouse and children under 18 which lowers the citizenship price per person by a great extent.
  • Citizenship through partnership: Investors can also get Turkish citizenship with their business partners. While keeping the total value per person $400K or more, you can invest in a property of any price and get multiple citizenships with a single investment.
  • Easy travel: Due to Turkey’s location and expansive transportation networks, traveling to and from Turkey is incredibly easy. Especially when it comes to Schengen countries, Turkish citizens can get visas easier compared to other nations.
  • A vibrant economy: With Turkey’s advanced infrastructure, large population and in-demand sectors, businesses of many kinds thrive in the country. Getting Turkish citizenship through property investment can be the first step for further economic endeavors such as starting a business.
  • Education and healthcare: Turkish citizens can benefit from universal healthcare and education including universities. These services are up to world-class standards.and are completely free of charge.
  • A rich culture: Turkish history and culture are incredibly rich. There are many developed cities that offer great new experiences and opportunities to foreigners and locals alike.


Turkey Citizenship $400K 3-5 months
Malta Citizenship €690K+ 4 months to 3 years
Montenegro Citizenship €472K 6 months
St. Kitts and Nevis Citizenship $150K 62 to 6 months
Portugal Residence Permit €250K+ 2 to 4 months
Malta Residence Permit €150K+ 2 to 4 months
Greece Residence Permit €250K+ 2 to 6 months
Cyprus Residence Permit €300K+ 3 months

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